miercuri, 21 aprilie 2010

Sa incerc sa fiu normala...

Drumul de intoarcere de la Manastirea Hadambu, com. Mogosesti, judetul Iasi. Mai multe informatii aici: http://manastireahadambu.blogspot.com/

marți, 20 aprilie 2010

All that is lost...

The sky moves faster at this time of year

It's violent here
Why have you left me?

Lyrics from July and Journey Through Pressure (Katatonia)

joi, 15 aprilie 2010

Eu cand vreau sa alb-negru...

Behind the gates is my tomorrow
The way through our dismay

duminică, 11 aprilie 2010

Hai-hui-ul de azi...

"...Who are you and who am I..."
"...And no one makes me close my eye..."
"...Don't leave me now.
Don't say it's the end of the road..."
 "...Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. 
Where have you been?..."

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